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Umkokha has replaced the Queen as the second most viewed show


Umkokha has replaced the Queen as the second most viewed show. Mzansi Magic plays hosts to numerous Mzansi drama series, filled with all the storylines that get people hooked and recently they revealed some numbers which may shock many who follow shows on DSTV.

They say “numbers don’t lie”, yes and at most they also don’t show the whole picture, but at least separates two competing entities. Many shows have come and go, mostly for the fact that some viewership numbers drastically fell due to a number of reasons. We saw M-Net doing away with “Legacy” and moved to bring out new series.

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Lately Mzansi Magic shared a list of its viewership numbers for the month of November and some people were in for a surprise. Umkhokha was ahead of The Queen as it was the number two (2) most-watched soapie with a staggering 967 000 views for one particular episode. If this statistic provided us with information, it also did so in portraying one important analogy. That analogy being: people are more hooked and interested in short series, opposite to long dragging storylines.

Let’s remember that Umkhokha debuted on the television in October and along the way it also accumulated some controversy. In particular, a complaint lodged by the Shembe Church which claimed that the show was imitating them and this somehow also led to a rise in viewership. The show went on to have 13 episodes to conclude its first season and got replaced by “The Republic”. Fans of the show have since started calling for the series’ return, though Mzansi Magic haven’t affirmed anything yet. They also called for series to do with faith to be brought into the plethora of programmes on TV.

On the other hand, The Queen started showing in 2016 and have done well to maintain its viewership numbers and have at times got the nod for the most viewed shows on Mzansi Magic. The show has dodged various bullets, unlike other shows and didn’t get cancelled.

However, having a new show Umkhokha and within that short period beating The Queen on views is no small feat. The main take away seems to be that people are interested in short-time running shows than long ones.