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Uncle Waffles opens up on why she is ashamed of her body


Uncle Waffles opens up on why she is ashamed of her body.Uncle Waffles became an overnight sensation and career opportunities have been increasing in the past few weeks. She caught people’s attention when the lady DJ posted a video on her timeline on the 16th of October 2021 and since then she has been making money moves as her name is being mentioned in the entertainment industry’s inner circles and she has been getting endorsements and gigs every week.

Hr stage name is Uncle Waffles, but her real name is Lungelihel Zwane despite her new found fame she has revealed she is not comfortable with her body and when you browse through her timeline it is obvious that she as body issues and she does not hide it.

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The 21 year old was born and bred in Swazilanda did not ever think that one day she will blowout the way she has to the point that she has caught the eye of American rapper Drake who is following her on social media. The ever so grateful Uncle Waffles for the blessings happening in her life she posted a message saying;

“I went from coming to South Africa and asking all the promoters in clubs for just 5 minutes of playing and being rejected, to being booked until next year. God’s grace has been unexplainable, everything has changed.”

She was set to perform in Botswana for a sold out show but the even was later canceled as police said she did not have a permit to perform.

She has also spoken on how hard it was to get a gig but now she will end the year on a very high note and her rise to fame could not have come at a better time her angels are working tirelessly for her.