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Video of Zandile Mafe in front of a shopping complex exposed see what he was carrying


Video of Zandile Mafe in front of a shopping complex exposed see what he was carrying. We are still away from the final deliberations in regards to Cape Town parliamentary building that was set on fire and the case is still ongoing.

The accused, Zandile Mafe has a case to answer as all is against him though the Magistrate court has a lot to do to put him behind bars for good. As of now, the National Prosecuting Authority recently upgraded his charges to those of terrorism in addition to the arson. The court has to prove that Mafe intentionally put the explosive or detonated it.

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On his charges it’s stated that, “on or about January 2, 2022, at or near parliament in Cape Town… the said accused unlawfully delivered, placed, discharged, or detonated an explosive or other lethal device into, into, or against a place of public use, a state or government facility, or the parliament building, with the intent, among other things, of causing extensive damage to or destruction of such a place, facility, or system, where such destruction results in or is likely to result in…”


The Terrorism Act comprises that the state has to clearly prove that there was a direct interference with the rendering of crucial services or the deliverance of such a system compromised. If convicted, Mafe will be put behind bars for well over 20 years.

Wikus Steyl states that a person is charged of terrorism if they discharge, distribute, or plant an explosive device at a public place. “It makes no difference whether the explosive device was detonated or not – the sheer act of placing or delivering an explosive device to a state or government location constitutes a felony.


“It is quite improbable that someone who detonates an explosive device at a taxi rank would face terrorism charges, given the damage will not result in a significant economic loss for the country,” Steyl went on. Ian Levitt, a legalist said that if the state wants to convict Mafe of terrorism its judgements have to be beyond a reasonable doubt the offense committed led to excessive public rebellion.

He said, “At the end of the day, the location is critical, since parliament is a large political area, and they are throwing the book at this. While terrorism convictions are not as prevalent in South Africa as they are in the worldwide domain, we as South Africans are not completely immune.”

Mafe was also said to have been suffering from paranoid schizophrenia and he was sent to a mental hospital for 30 days while being seen to see if he will be fit to feature for the trial. His case has also been deferred to 11 February.

However, Mafe alleged that he will go on a hunger strike if he is denied bail or not increased. Among his defense team is Advocate Dali Mpofu and they are standing up for him.

Another legal expert, Nthabiseng Dubazana said, “If a medical assessment indicates that he was unable to comprehend what he did, he will be committed to a mental hospital for treatment and subsequently discharged.”

South Africa saw its first terrorism conviction of “Boeremang Two” after the accused made a bomb purported to harm or kill Nelson Mandela in 2002. Now people claim that is Mafe really guilty or just a scapegoat, worse more he survived through begging outside shops.