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Violent Farmer’s should be arrested says ANCYL Crisis committee


Violent Farmer’s should be arrested says ANCYL Crisis committee. The ANC youth league crisis committee is calling for the arrest of farmers who were involved in violent protest and clashed with the police.

The farmers came out to protest outside the Senekal Magistrate Court in free State. The court was hearing the case of Sekwetje Mahlamba and Sekola Matlaletsa who are being trialed for the farm murder of Brendin Horner 21 who was a farm manager.


The protesters set ablaze the police van in videos that are circulating on social media a group of the protesters can be seen attempting to topple a police Nyala. Police Minister Bheli Cele has expressed his disapproval of the violent protest on the other hand Julius Malema said the police did not respond professionally to the protest.

Asanda Lucawa whose the ANCYL crisis committee spokesperson said “This is a calculated and deliberate move by criminals who sympathise with apartheid and its explicit endorsement of the supremacy of a particular race as an organising ideology of social life.

Violent protest

“The attempts to intensify racial tensions and spark civil war must be condemned with the contempt they deserve and all elements who actively participated must be arrested.

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“While we equally condemn all manner of violence and the crime of murder, we caution those who are under the impression that they are above the law and are intent on organising violence on the basis of race, to desist from divisive and intellectually malnourished postures and a general display of idiocy, instead they must formulate progressive conversations, with considerations of acceptable intellectual height,” said Luwaca.

Luwaca said they condemned farm murders and all murders within the country.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, AfriForum branded farm attacks and murders as a form of terror.

“The fury that the people expressed here today is the consequence of the cruelty of a problem that simply persists, coupled with the government’s lackadaisical attitude towards farm murders.”

Malema on Tuesday was fuming over the police’s response to the violence outside the court.

‘’Whites don’t play; they are dealing with this clownish government of their puppet @CyrilRamaphosa. No single rubber bullet shot. Can you imagine if it was black people?’’ Malema said on Twitter.

Cele also questioned the demonstrators’ motives in “turning their anger towards the police”.

“Police reports indicate that following the brief court appearance, around a hundred demonstrators, among them armed farmers, stormed into the court building demanding the suspects be handed over,’’ the Police Ministry said.

’’This violent act resulted in the vandalism of court property and a police vehicle was also overturned and set alight. Police had to use tear gas to disperse the violent group.’’

Cele said: “While we all condemn the gruesome killing of this young man in Paul Roux, absolutely no one has the right to take the law into their own hands – no matter what the situation is. This type of lawlessness can’t be justified nor taken lightly.


“There is no logic when these protesters burn a police van, which is the same resource that is meant to assist them.

’’It is also baffling why the anger of this community is being directed towards the police when arrests have been made by the police and the suspects are before the courts.’’

Cele wants to remind all South Africans while the right to protest peacefully is part of any democratic society, it is ’’not absolute and it comes with responsibilities’’.

Justice Minister Ronald Lamola also came forward to express his disapproval of the violent protest on Wednesday.

No one has been apprehended so far.