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WARNING: Noodles suspected in the death of Five kids.


WARNING: Noodles suspected in the death of Five kids. Noodles are one of the most consumed food in South Africa and people have started to panic after it was revealed that at least five children have died after consuming them.

Parents have been urged to practice good food hygiene which entails handling food properly when preparing it and storing it according to the instructions in the package.

Recently the Health Department said it was investigating possible food poisoning in three provinces but was waiting for tests results before making final statements.

Reports say that last in Mpumalanga twochildren lost their lives soon after eating a packet of noodles, a few weeks after the same thing happened in the Eastern Cape were three children died after consuming noodles.

It is indeed a serious issue as it has caused major panic amongst parents considering that noodles are most parents choice of food for their children specially when schools are opened.

However the department’s Foster Mohale has been working closely with relevant stakeholders to to assess whether a recall of the product is necessary and look at other factors that might be at play before like whetehr or not the deaths were caused by noodles, were they bought these noodles, the handling of the noodles before they reach the decision.

However this has caused major panic amongst parents specially considering that no concrete information has been issued.

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5 children (3 in Eastern Cape and 2 in Mpumalanga) have died after eating 2 minute noodles. We demand to know the brand name and origin of these noodles. These children deserve justice and we need to prevent any future deaths!

— Christo 🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦 (@ChristoThurston) November 18, 2021

Guys, something is not right. Don’t give your kids noodles until we are sure of what is going on! pic.twitter.com/aYQ6wfSwCy

— Simphiwe (@DrMandlesilo) November 17, 2021