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WATCH: Policeman Turned Into a Joke After a Drunk Lady Take Off Her Clothes And Do this To Him




Like I said in the last article, people no longer respect the police. Even walking next to a police officer was scary back then. People feared them and looked up to them. But now, people even beat police officers. Because of what they do, the police have lost their honor and respect. They’re always at the center of scandals and wrongdoing. People say that respect is earned and stays the same over time. The South African police have lost it because of what they have done.

A video of a police officer beating up a woman in the police station after she cursed at him went viral not too long ago. All of the officers in a police station broke the law. We are always let down by these people. What should we do as citizens if the people whose job it is to keep the law in place are the ones who break it? The Minister of Police must work to give the South African police back their honor.

Once more, there’s a video that makes the police department look bad. On the weekend, Arno Mudau, a well-known businessman from Limpopo, was laid to rest at Tshakhuma. People decided to camp at the four-way stop near his house and build a memorial after the funeral. People at a party were drinking and dancing, so the police came to break them up because they were in the way.