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“We forgive you Makamu, she’s too hot” Mzansi reacts to the lady whom Bishop Makamu was asking a biscuit from


Bishop Isaac Makamu has been making headlines for the past few days following the leaked audio, as he could be heard asking one of his church members for her biscuit.

The audio has been causing a lot of commotion on social media as many were left in disbelief that Makamu would be capable of this considering that he is a married man. However some are not surprised as they say he is a pastor after all and that’s what all pastors do, they always prey on young beautiful girls in their churches.

Since the audio Makamu is being called with all sort of names and people have bee reaction to the audio.

“”Not even one prominent person has ever been humbled enough to admit to their wrong doings and apologized immediately they’re found wanting. Just admit and apologize at once. We understand you are human and you have got weaknesses like any other person….. Just admit and stop this character assesination conspiracies because at the end of the day the truth will be revealed and you will have to go through the embarassment,so it’s better to apologise now”said a social media user.

However after the pictures of the lady whom Makamu wanted a biscuit from, many men were left speechless and causing chaos on social media as they say they forgive him and understand why he did it the lady is so beautiful. Men on social media have been saying that Makamu a man after all besides being a pastor and who wouldn’t try their luck on such a beautiful lady.

Here are the pictures of the lady below: