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I went to demand Money says Ngema on her visit to Bester



Ngema walked into Bester’s office, feeling nervous and anxious. She had been waiting for this moment for a long time, and now that it had finally arrived, she was unsure of how to proceed. Bester, a prominent businessman in the area, had been owing Ngema a significant sum of money for months, and Ngema had finally decided to confront him about it.

As she approached his desk, Bester looked up from his paperwork and greeted her with a smile. “Ah, Ms. Ngema! How lovely to see you! What brings you here today?” he asked.


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Ngema took a deep breath and tried to steady her nerves. “Mr. Bester, I’m here to demand payment for the services I provided to your company. As you know, I completed the work several months ago, but you have yet to pay me the agreed-upon amount,” she said, trying to sound confident.

Bester’s smile faded slightly, and he leaned back in his chair, steepling his fingers in front of him. “Ah, yes. The payment. I’m afraid I’ve been quite busy lately and haven’t had a chance to attend to it. But don’t worry, Ms. Ngema, I haven’t forgotten about you. I’ll make sure to get your payment to you as soon as possible,” he said, his tone placating.

Ngema wasn’t satisfied with his answer. She had heard these kinds of promises before, and she knew that Bester was just trying to delay paying her. “Mr. Bester, with all due respect, I’ve heard this before. I need to be paid now. I can’t keep waiting for you to get around to it,” she said, her voice firm.

Bester sighed and leaned forward, looking at Ngema with a steely gaze. “Ms. Ngema, I understand your frustration, but I can’t just write you a check on the spot. There are procedures and protocols that I have to follow. Rest assured that I will make sure you are paid in full, but you need to give me a little time to sort things out,” he said.

Ngema wasn’t buying it. She knew that Bester was just trying to stall for time, and she wasn’t going to let him get away with it. “Mr. Bester, I’ve already given you plenty of time. You’ve had months to pay me, and I’ve been patient. But now I need to be paid. I can’t keep waiting,” she said, her voice rising in frustration.

Bester leaned back in his chair and sighed heavily. “Ms. Ngema, I understand that you’re upset, but you need to understand that these things take time. I can’t just snap my fingers and make the payment appear. There are procedures and processes that I have to follow. I promise you that I will make sure you get paid, but you need to be patient,” he said.

Ngema was losing her patience. She had heard enough excuses and promises from Bester, and she wasn’t going to take it anymore. “Mr. Bester, I’ve been patient. I’ve waited long enough. I need to be paid now. I can’t keep waiting for you to get around to it. If you don’t pay me today, I’ll be forced to take legal action,” she said, her voice trembling with anger.

Bester’s eyes widened in surprise. He hadn’t expected Ngema to be so forceful in her demands. “Ms. Ngema, there’s no need for that. I don’t want to get into a legal battle. Let’s work this out like reasonable adults. I’ll make sure you get your payment as soon as possible,” he said,