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Woman shot during argument over her not wearing underwear in shop


Woman shot during argument over her not wearing underwear in shop.A woman was shot with a pellet gun during a confrontation with a couple, who she claimed mocked her for not wearing underwear at a supermarket in Verulam, KwaZulu-Natal (KZN).



Reaction Unit South Africa (RUSA) on Monday received a call from a passerby who allegedly saw a man pointing a firearm at a woman in the parking lot of a shopping centre.According to RUSA, the woman told the officers that she was standing in a queue at the supermarket with her sisters and the couple was behind them.

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She then alleged that the couple began mocking her because they could see she was not wearing underwear.“The woman went on to explain that the couple continued passing remarks that [there was] a foul smell in the queue,” RUSA said.


The woman confirmed that she was not wearing underwear at the time, which was noticeable because she was wearing leggings.She told the officers that she had just taken a shower when she decided to quickly go to the store.After being insulted, the woman and her sisters confronted the couple. This then led to an argument.



As the argument continued in the parking lot, the man allegedly fetched his pellet gun and shot the woman’s leg.The couple then got into their silver VW Polo and fled the scene.USA said the woman has since opened a criminal case at the Verulam police station.

“Approximately 30 minutes following the incident, the silver VW Polo arrived at RUSA headquarters. The occupants met with reaction officers and confirmed that they were involved in the confrontation with the three females,” said RUSA.The couple denied making defamatory remarks towards the woman who was not wearing underwear. They said that the woman confronted them first.


They further claimed that the woman became angry and started swearing at them. They said that they walked out of the store only to be followed by the women to the parking lot who then allegedly assaulted the couple.The couple said they then drove away to avoid further conflict.The man was found in possession of a pellet gun.The couple also opened a criminal case against the three women.