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“You don’t own SA, show me the papers of ownership” says Julius Malema


EFF leader Julius Malema gas found himself as the center of attention recently, it seems he’s tired of people who are against his party. Not so long ago he let it be known that he doesn’t care even if he doesn’t get to rule the country.

Malema got blown hot against those South Africns who have been against him, according to them they own the country as they have the power to vote in the ruling party. This left Juju on the edge has he told the to provide the papers that they are the owners of this country.

This followed after some groups of South Africans have been gaining momentum on Twitter as they claim that they are the owners of South Africa and all foreigners must leave. Forgetting that some of these foreigners they want to leave are in this country legally and they don’t have the right to chase anyone away.

Here are some of the reactions from people on twitter below:

“Though many south Africans disagreed with his statement, a south African man who listen carefully picked sense in What Julius malema said.”

“If you have a problem with compression obviously you’ll think gore wagafa, but if you listen deeply he makes sense. Go to Tembisa or Alex and tell me if you happy with the way black people live, then go to Sandton, Centurion, Houghton and come back to me we talk.”