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Zahara And Fiancé Get Into Nasty Fight With Airport Security



South African singer-songwriter Zahara recently found herself at the center of controversy after an incident at an airport involving her fiancé. The incident sparked a lot of conversation on social media, with many people taking sides and offering their opinions.

According to reports, Zahara and her fiancé were at OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg when they got into an argument with airport security. The exact details of what happened are still unclear, but it’s believed that the argument started after Zahara’s fiancé was asked to provide his ID for a security check.

The situation quickly escalated, with Zahara reportedly getting involved in the argument and shouting at the security staff. The incident caused a disturbance at the airport, with other passengers and staff becoming involved.


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After the incident, Zahara took to social media to share her side of the story. In a video that she posted on Instagram, Zahara claimed that the incident was the result of racial profiling. She accused the security staff of targeting her fiancé because he was black, and suggested that the incident would not have happened if he was white.

Zahara’s comments sparked a lot of debate on social media, with many people expressing their support for her and condemning the alleged racial profiling. However, others questioned Zahara’s version of events and suggested that there may have been more to the story than she was letting on.

The incident also sparked a wider conversation about racism and discrimination in South Africa, with many people sharing their own experiences of being targeted because of their race or ethnicity.

Despite the controversy, Zahara has continued to speak out about the incident and has called for an investigation into what happened. In a statement released through her management team, she said:


“I am deeply disturbed by the events that took place at the airport. My fiancé and I were subjected to racial profiling and discrimination, and I believe that this is unacceptable. I am calling for a thorough investigation into what happened, and I will not rest until justice is served.”

The incident has also brought attention to the issue of security checks at airports and the need for better training for staff. Many people have suggested that security staff need to be more sensitive to the needs of passengers and should not discriminate based on race, gender, or any other factor.

Overall, the incident involving Zahara and her fiancé has sparked a lot of discussion and debate, both online and offline. It has brought attention to the issue of racial profiling and discrimination in South Africa, and has highlighted the need for greater understanding and empathy between people of different backgrounds.