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Zahara at it again as a video of her doing this surfaces online.


Zahara at it again as a video of her doing this surfaces online. Alcoholism is a disease and if kept unchecked can have serious consequences and people who usually suffer from it are usually in denial that they have a problem till its too late. For a while now speculations have been rife that Zahara has a drinking problem which she has openly denied however it is hard to overlook the years of footage that show her heavily intoxicated and this has damaged her career.

She has a beautiful voice and she is a very talented musician and her behaviour has people worried and that she needs professional treatment.

In a new video circulating on line she appears not herself and her voice not sounding right and she looks confused and bewildered and if you look carefully at one of her performers they also look puzzled for a moment.

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Tweeps are no very much concerned about her because of the video and are saying omeone must help her and some have gone to the extent of digging up a video of her in an interview with MacG were she plainly noted that she does not drink. She went on to indicate that she has never been photographed or videotaped drinking or even holding a drink meaning no she is very good at hiding her addiction.

When asked about her “drinking problem”, she told MacG that her fans should focus on her great albums instead.

Now with the recent video people are now confident that she has a problem with alcohol but we hope her new hair care line will give her something to focus on as she will be owning 50% of the Country Girl merchandise.