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Zimbabweans allegedly stranded at Beitbridge border



The festive season is over and everyone is returning from their holiday. This is no exception for Zimbabweans as they are flooded at the Beitbridge border post.


Zimbabwean nationals have been the center of attention in SA due to the immigration crisis. It seems like this year is no exception as they are already trending on Twitter for allegedly making frantic efforts to enter South Africa both legally and illegally. One social media user posted a picture of Zimbabweans flooded at the Beitbridge border heading to SA. See the post below:

This sparked debate on Social media as some found this post offensive. They argued that not all of them are coming illegally and looking for jobs. One User wrote:” To be honest, at least somebody is willing to work”.

He implied that Zimbabweans are not lazy and they do not demand a lot as locals do.

Some locals supported the original post stating that a lot of Zimbabweans are employed because they are cheap labor. They also accused them of stealing jobs meant for locals. See one comment below:

“And out of that 10 that was here last when they go back home, they come back with the new 10 the number keeps on growing every year. We don’t have @PresidencyZA in this country @CyrilRamaphosa @MYANC are neutralizing our people with foreigners they can deny it but is true.”

Do you think foreigners are stealing jobs from South Africans? let us know your thoughts