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Zodwa Mkandla Ginimbi’s ex-wife and friend Zara Hassan visit Ginimbi’s car crash site.


Zodwa Mkandla Ginimbi’s ex-wife and friend Zara Hassan visit the car crash site. It was a tragedy what happened to the socialite and businessman Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure, he died in the early hours of Sunday morning on the 8th of November. He was travelling with two foreigners who had come for Mitchelle “Moana” Amuli’s birthday celebration a Mozambican model by the name of Alichia Adams, Limumba Karim from Malawi and Moana the birthday girl. The Rolls Royce they were travelling in collided with a Honda Fit after Ginimbi had over taken two cars and was trying to get back to his lane when the accident occurred.

After the collision happened the car veered of the road and hit a tree, Ginimbi was dragged out of the car and died soon after but the others were trapped inside as the doors of the Rolls Royce got jammed on impact then the car exploded burning all of them to an extent that it took hours for police and the fire brigade to retrieve their remains.

A video has been making its rounds on social media of Ginimbi’s ex wife Zodwa Mkandla with her South African based friend Zari Hassan in the video the two are at Liberation Legacy Way where the accident occurred. Zari Hassan who is known to most as “The Boss Lady” accompanied her friend to the scene of the accident in Borrowdale.‌

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Zari Hassan recently broke up with Skeem Saam actor Lehasa Maphosa real name Cedric Fourie but was here to support Ginimbi’s on and off wife Zodwa. The relationship between Zodwa and Ginimbi has been a precarious one as she was once married to Gimbi’s friend the Ugandan millionaire and Rich gang leader Ivan Semwanga. It is still not clear what their relationship was all about, in 2018 Zodwa did however admit that they had separated but were still in good books with each other. Such a tragic end to a life well lived.