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Zodwa Wabantu has a new Premium Cider set to be released soon


Zodwa Wabantu has a new Premium Cider set to be released soon. It seems business is going well for the renowned Zodwa Wabantu, she has become one of the most celebrated businesswomen in the entertainment industry in Mzansi. She is a true representation to women out there that you should always do you no matter what people say. Zodwa has put her fingers into all lot of pots showing that she has a good head on her shoulders, diversifying is always a good business move.

A few months ago she launched her new red lipstick she also launched her first makeup which item featured in her newly announced Zodwa Wabantu Beauty Collection. She has her own reality show Zodwa Wabantu Uncensored which has two seasons and it seems the business woman is not stopping as she is set to launch her Premium Cider. The exotic dancer took to social media to announce the launch of her new cider that she is adding to her lipstick and perfume business.

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Social media was quick to congratulate Zodwa and wish her well and as always there are those who are enemies of success who were feeling uneasy about Zodwa’s cider. On her instagram page she posted this’

Zodwa Wabantu

“Get Paid for Being an Artist After Invest in Your Name, Then you will Know You are not a Big Deal Artist/Uyohlezi Umemeza,uthi As An Artist Counting Yourselves Businesswoman/Growth Empire While you Fighting for Artist of the Year Zodwa Wabantu Perfumes/Zodwa Wabantu Lipstick Zodwa Wabantu Petroleum/Zodwa Wabantu Ciders Zodwa Wabantu Uncensored Season 1&2 All under my NameMore Artists are Coming Make Space they need to be Signed by the Owner, not You”


There’s always drama with Zodwa and we live for it we are happy for her success and we hope the Zodwa Wabantu brand keeps growing and now she will be dancing with a Zodwa Wabantu Premium Cider and not any else’s brand but her very own. Like always people are always going to try to burst your bubble Zodwa has been in the spotlight as she defended fans who used to lick her during her shows its all in the past people.

We are happy for Zodwa considering were she is coming and where she is now it goes to show hard work does pay.