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Zoleka Mandela has finally given up on love after being dumped 6 times


Zoleka Mandela has finally given up on love after being dumped 6 times. Most South African family planning institutions advocate for a child growing under the care of both parents, as it has its own benefits, but this is not so in many cases.

Zoleka Mandela already has five (5) children and is now currently pregnant expecting a sixth baby. What she said has then become the opposite of what other mothers wish and hope for.

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Zoleka took to social media and shared that she will ride solo in caring for the baby and that there’s no need for a man to take care of her children’s business. She is quite a publicist when it comes to her private life and it’s there for the masses to see.

On Instagram she wrote a lengthy post explaining her position:
“Dear Diary, in 2023 and not this year because I’m giving birth to my very last baby for the rest of my life … I’m serious, it’s not funny and I don’t know why you’re laughing about it! 梁 Anyway, as I was saying, by the time I turn 43 in April 2023, I’m going to look and feel even better than what I looked like in this video (where I made the decision to be very SINGLE) I took in 2020, dawg.”

Zoleka also spoke of how the post-pregnancy stuff end up affecting the s_xual part in a relationship, should she get a man by then.

“I also don’t want a man in my life because the moment I fall in love, weight gain and pregnancy same time, my n*gga!!! 藍 I just don’t know how I’m going to cope without the s_xual benefits of having a man because I don’t want the relationship per se, but I want the part where he comes over when I tell him to … without him spending the night, without him being with anyone else or bothering me with feelings because that’s just not in my DNA anymore!!! 若 .”

“Not to worry though, I’m in therapy for this because the therapist says I clearly have so many issues to work through because just WTF is wrong with me? 洛 Anyway, the hashtag will still remain the same,” she concluded.