DJ Maphorisa, took 100% of the profits from Sir Trill songs

Sir Trill, a renowned singer, made a shocking revelation in a recent interview on the L-Tido Podcast.

He disclosed that despite his successful music career, he has never received a single cent from his work.

Sir Trill attributed his financial struggles to his initial lack of understanding about the music industry, particularly regarding split sheets and publishing rights.

He shared his frustrating experience of discovering that his songs were being used on platforms like Netflix, yet he received no compensation.

When he inquired about the issue, his manager and others involved in the industry dodged his questions, leading him to realize that someone else was profiting from his work.

Sir Trill alleged that a specific individual, widely speculated to be DJ Maphorisa, took 100% of the profits from his songs and even blackballed him when he demanded fair payment.

This revelation has sparked outrage among fans, who are calling out DJ Maphorisa for his alleged greed and exploitation of Sir Trill’s talent.

The interview has shed light on the darker side of the music industry, where artists often struggle with financial exploitation and lack of transparency. Sir Trill’s courage in speaking out has sparked a necessary conversation about the need for fair compensation and ethical practices in the industry.

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