DJ Melzi’s New Relationship Sparks Conversation

South African DJ and music producer DJ Melzi has recently introduced his new girlfriend, Skeem Saam actress Lethabo Mekoa, on social media. This comes shortly after his split from Andiswa Selepe, rumored to be due to infidelity. The news has sparked a heated conversation among fans and followers, with many weighing in on the situation.

While some fans have shown support for Melzi’s new relationship, others have criticized him for moving on too quickly. The DJ’s decision to share pictures and videos with his new partner has further fueled speculation about their relationship status. Despite the backlash, DJ Melzi seems unfazed and continues to share updates about his new romance.

_A Source Close to DJ Melzi Speaks Out_

A source close to DJ Melzi has stated that he is deeply committed to his relationship with Lethabo. “He aims to mend things this time and maintain discretion,” the source revealed. However, when approached by TshisaLIVE, DJ Melzi neither confirmed nor denied his relationship with Lethabo. “Why would you want to publish such a story? I prefer not to discuss my personal life in the media; it’s just not my style,” he said.

_Social Media Reacts_

Social media users have been quick to express their opinions on DJ Melzi’s new relationship. Some have mocked his new girlfriend, with one user stating, “Dj Melzi is living his youth eating all the fire Huns. He knows where he will settle is not neither of them.” Another user added, “Bums alone can’t keep a man… Mean no disrespect to the lad, but he failed, the bomb was the real bomb.”

_Fans Show Support_

On the other hand, some fans have shown support for DJ Melzi’s new relationship. “Congratulations to DJ Melzi and Lethabo! Wishing them all the best in their new relationship,” one user wrote. Another added, “Love is a beautiful thing! DJ Melzi and Lethabo make a lovely couple.”

_The Couple’s Relationship Status_

While neither DJ Melzi nor Lethabo has confirmed the status of their relationship, their social media posts suggest that they are indeed an item. The couple has been sharing pictures and videos of each other, with DJ Melzi recently surprising Lethabo with a bouquet of flowers.


DJ Melzi’s new relationship has sparked a heated conversation among fans and followers. While some have criticized him for moving on too quickly, others have shown support for the couple. As the situation continues to unfold, one thing is clear – DJ Melzi is committed to his new relationship and is determined to make it work. Stay tuned for more updates on this developing story.

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