Florence Masebe Joins ‘Skeem Saam’ as Meikie Maputla, Replacing Harriet Manamela Temporarily

The popular South African soap opera, Skeem Saam, has introduced a new face to its cast, with actress Florence Masebe taking on the role of Meikie Maputla. Masebe, known for her impressive performances in various TV shows, including Muvhango, The Republic, Generations, and Soul City, made her debut on Skeem Saam on May 15, 2024.

Masebe’s entry into the show comes as a temporary replacement for Harriet Manamela, the original actress who played Meikie Maputla. Manamela was placed on sick leave after undergoing hip replacement surgery earlier this year. The actress and motivational speaker recently announced on Instagram that she has recovered from the surgery and is preparing to return to set when filming resumes.

Florence Masebe’s debut on Skeem Saam has been met with excitement from fans, who are loving her portrayal of Meikie Maputla. The actress has brought a fresh energy to the role, and her performance has been praised by viewers. Some fans have even gone as far as to say that she is better than the original actress, Harriet Manamela.

Masebe has expressed her gratitude for the warm welcome she received from her colleagues on set. In an Instagram post, she wrote, “I had the most wonderful time on set, and I am truly thankful for the colleagues who welcomed me with warm arms and hearts.” She also acknowledged the nostalgia she felt returning to the SABC, where she had spent many years of her career.

The actress humbly referred to herself as a “wet nurse called in to take care of the queen’s baby in her short absence,” acknowledging that she was only temporarily filling in for Manamela. She wished her “good Sis” Harriet Manamela well as she prepares to return to set, demonstrating the camaraderie and respect that exists among the actresses.

Florence Masebe’s addition to the Skeem Saam cast has brought a new dynamic to the show, and fans are eagerly anticipating her upcoming scenes. With her impressive acting skills and warm on-screen presence, Masebe is sure to continue impressing audiences as Meikie Maputla.

Skeem Saam, which airs weekly on SABC 1 at 7:30 p.m., has been a staple of South African television since its inception in 2011. The show follows the lives of a group of young adults navigating love, careers, and family in the fictional town of Turfloop. With its engaging storylines and talented cast, Skeem Saam has become a favorite among South African viewers.

In conclusion, Florence Masebe’s debut on Skeem Saam as Meikie Maputla has been a resounding success. Her talent, warmth, and humility have endeared her to fans, and she is sure to continue shining in the role until Harriet Manamela’s return. Be sure to tune in to Skeem Saam every weekday at 7:30 p.m. on SABC 1 to catch Florence Masebe in action as Meikie Maputla.

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