Proposal Gone Wrong: Man Retrieves Gifts from Girlfriend After Rejection

The Viral Video

A recent proposal in a Nigerian shopping mall has taken an unexpected turn, leaving many stunned and sparking a heated debate online. A young man proposed to his girlfriend, but things took a dramatic turn when she rejected him. The man, visibly upset, demanded that she return the iPhone 15 and wig he had gifted her.

*The Incident Unfolds*

In the viral video, the man is seen getting down on one knee, surrounded by his girlfriend’s friends, and proposing to her. Despite their encouragement, she declines his proposal. The man then forces her to remove the wig he had bought for her and takes back the iPhone 15. The incident has left many wondering about the expectations and entitlement in relationships.

*Reactions from Netizens*

The video has garnered numerous reactions from netizens, with some commenting on the nature of relationships and the expectations that come with gift-giving. Some have criticized the man’s behavior, calling it embarrassing and disrespectful, while others have defended his actions, saying he was simply reclaiming his gifts.

*Expectations in Relationships*

De-Eco noted, “What did guys gain from proposing? My brother, any woman who loves you will be the one to ask you when to come see her people.” Bigg M stated, “No wasting of time, bro. She didn’t see him as good enough for a husband, but his spending was good enough for her.” Apxtips simply called her a “thief,” while Ayemojubar warned that “there are no refunds in a relationship” and encouraged people to “spend wisely.” KING DAVID EMPIRE questioned what one could expect from a girl who goes from one boy to another.

*Gift-Giving and Entitlement*

The incident serves as a reminder that relationships can be complex, and gift-giving can sometimes come with expectations and strings attached. While some see the man’s behavior as justified, others view it as a sign of disrespect and entitlement. The video has sparked an important conversation about the nature of relationships and the importance of communication and respect.

*Communication is Key*

The incident highlights the importance of communication in relationships. The man’s expectations and the girlfriend’s rejection could have been avoided with open and honest communication. The incident serves as a reminder that relationships require mutual respect, trust, and understanding.


The proposal gone wrong has sparked a lively debate online, with many weighing in on the expectations and entitlement in relationships. While some have criticized the man’s behavior, others have defended his actions. The incident serves as a reminder that relationships require communication, respect, and trust. As we navigate the complexities of relationships, it’s essential to remember that gift-giving should not come with expectations or strings attached.

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