Qwabe twins: Biography, career, Salary, networth and more

Early Life and Family Background

The Qwabe twins, Virginia and Viggy, were born in 1997 to Lawrence Qwabe, the founder of the Pure Freedom Christ church in Nonoti, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Growing up in a solid Christian background, the twins were exposed to music from a young age, singing in the church choir and composing their own songs to perform among friends.

Education and Early Music Career

The twins attended Nonoti Primary School and Senior Secondary School, where they honed their musical talents by performing at school talent shows and events. Their love for music only grew stronger, and they began to dream of a career in the entertainment industry.

South African Idols Show

In 2019, the twins auditioned for the South African Idols show as individual artists. Their impressive performances earned them a spot in the top 15, making history as the first contestants to do so. Unfortunately, Viggy had to forfeit the show after Virginia didn’t receive enough votes to continue. The incident sparked allegations of show rigging, leading their father to advise Viggy to withdraw from the competition.

Collaboration with DJ Tira and Rise to Fame

DJ Tira, who had seen the twins perform on the Idols show, was impressed by their talent and signed them under his Afrotainment record label. The twins released their collaboration hit, “Hamba,” featuring DJ Tira, which received positive reviews across Mzansi.

Discography and Performances

The Qwabe twins have released three songs under Afrotainment records, including “Hamba” featuring DJ Tira. They have performed on the Idol stage, TV shows, and tours promoting their new songs. With their beautiful vocals and energetic performances, they are making a name for themselves in the Afro-pop music scene.

Personal Life and Net Worth

The twins keep their personal lives private, and there is no public information about their relationships. Their net worth is estimated to be around R2 Million, which is expected to rise as their career continues to flourish.

Achievements and Awards

Although the twins have not received any awards or nominations yet, their talent and dedication to their craft are sure to earn them recognition in the future.


The Qwabe twins’ journey from small-town KwaZulu-Natal to the South African music scene is an inspiration to many. With their talent, hard work, and guidance from DJ Tira, they are destined for greatness. As their career continues to soar, we can expect more exciting music and performances from these Afro-pop sensations.

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