Scammed: Gauteng Mom Loses R2.8 Million to Boyfriend

A Tale of Love and Deceit

A Gauteng mother in her 50s has been left devastated after her boyfriend of one year disappeared with her pension lump sum of R2.8 million. The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, met the man, Henry Mugisha, in January 2023, and was swept off her feet by his charming and caring nature.

*The Relationship*

The two started dating, and Mugisha would often take her on dates and pay for everything. He was gentle, kind, and soft-spoken, and Nothando was attracted to his demeanour. As the relationship strengthened, Mugisha persuaded Nothando to resign from her job and invest her pension money into a business venture.

*The Scam*

Part of the scam involved Nothando withdrawing her pension lump sum, which was supposed to be invested into the business. Mugisha promised to raise his own millions to invest in the venture. However, in January this year, Mugisha urged Nothando to visit her rural home to seek ancestral blessings, and then vanished.

*The Aftermath*

Nothando was left with nothing, and her sons had to suffer the consequences of her financial loss. She lost 13kg in two weeks and contemplated suicide. She has since hired a private investigator to track down Mugisha, but he remains active on social media, showing off his luxurious lifestyle.

*Police Investigation*

The SAPS in Gauteng has confirmed an investigation into the matter, and Nothando has opened a case at Pretoria North SAPS. Police believe the man in the pictures may assist in the ongoing investigation, and community members are encouraged to notify the nearest police station if they identify him.

*Advice to Others*

Nothando has shared her story as a warning to others, advising them to be vigilant in love relationships and not to be afraid to fall in love, but to keep their eyes wide open.


Nothando’s story is a heartbreaking reminder of the dangers of online dating and the importance of being cautious when meeting new people. Her bravery in sharing her story may help others avoid similar situations.

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