Scandal! Teasers – July 2024: Drama and Suspense Unfold

Week 1: July 1-5

The month of July kicks off with a bang on Scandal! as desperate measures are taken, and secrets begin to unravel. Episode 67 (July 1) sees a man decline a lifeline from beyond the grave, while George misleads Dintle, and love takes a backseat in business. In Episode 68 (July 2), Dintle faces a potential threat, and a woman flees with her fugitive ex-boyfriend. The drama continues in Episode 69 (July 3) with a missing person, a privacy breach, and a loaded gun. Chaos ensues in Episode 70 (July 4) as the truth is revealed, and romance triumphs over bromance. Talitha intervenes in Episode 71 (July 5) when her son’s life is in danger.

*Week 2: July 8-12*

In Episode 72 (July 8), a call for help may go unheard, and Zaza’s greed causes destruction. Layla is on high alert in Episode 73 (July 9) after a blast from the past, and Tlhogi’s strange behavior raises eyebrows. The tables turn on Zaza in Episode 74 (July 10) as the victim gains the upper hand. Tlhogi receives shocking news in Episode 75 (July 11), and Ndumiso faces community backlash. Mdala’s good news turns to rage in Episode 76 (July 12), and Khumo is thrilled to be invited to a party.

*Week 3: July 15-19*

Tlhogi’s joyous news causes a stir in Episode 77 (July 15), and Javas faces insults due to his shallow pockets. Tebello explores a new world in Episode 78 (July 16), and Taps makes outrageous demands. A night of indulgence takes a shocking turn in Episode 79 (July 17), leading Jackie and Zaza to desperate measures. The police come knocking in Episode 80 (July 18), putting fun-time girls in hard times. Mdala makes a drastic decision in Episode 81 (July

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