Shebeshxt’s Daughter Onthatile Chuene’s Funeral Postponed to Allow Him Time to Recover and Attend

The funeral of nine-year-old Onthatile Chuene, who was killed in a car accident in Limpopo, has been postponed. The family of the rapper, whose real name is Lehlogonolo Katlego Chauke, made this decision due to him still being hospitalised. According to reports, his family will wait for him to recover so he can have the opportunity to bury his daughter.

Onthatile Chuene’s funeral was meant to take place last week, however, due to her father, Shebeshxt, real name being hospitalised, it had to get postponed. Onthatile Chuene’s funeral has been postponed to allow her father, Shebeshxt, to recover in hospital.

*Onthatile’s funeral has been postponed*

The funeral details of nine-year-old Onthatile Chuene are yet to be finalised. This is because her father, Shebeshxt, has not fully recovered. Onthatile Chuene was killed in a horrific car accident in Limpopo, which left the Limpopo-born rapper badly injured.

*Shebeshxt’s family wants to give him opportunity to attend*

According to the news publication, the Chauke family is giving Shebeshxt time to recover from his injuries. They wish to allow him to bury his daughter. By the time her funeral date arrives this week, they are hoping Shebeshxt will be strong enough to attend. A source close to the family told the publication that the Limpopo Arts Movement will assist with the arrangements.

*Mzansi has their say on the matter*

Reacting to the news after @MDNnewss shared it, netizens relayed their thoughts on the matter. @mabasotf shared: “Always respect your car and the roads, it’s more than your life you are risking.” @someonesaidshxt cautioned: “This should be a message to all Volkswagen drivers.” @Sibuzakes relayed: “Deepest cut for him.” @therealxolo advised: “After this, he should get a personal driver. RIP to his daughter.” @Nkosi_Shebi said: “He will finally learn a hard lesson, pity it was at the expense of an innocent child who had a bright future ahead of her.”

*Shebeshxt’s Lawyer Lot Ramusi Reveals Health Update Following Rapper’s Horrific Car Accident*

Shebeshxt’s lawyer has finally addressed the rumours circulating about the rapper’s health as well as speculation about what led to his recent car accident.

Briefly News reported on the highly-publicised accident, including a heartbreaking report that the rapper was aware that his daughter, who was with him at the time, did not survive the crash.

Speaking in an interview shared by Twitter (X) user MDN News, Lot Ramusi addressed reports about the accident, including rumours that Shebeshxt lost his leg:

“I can confirm to you right now that he has not lost his leg. What we are concentrating on is for Shebe to get back on his feet and face the situation of his daughter.”

Ramusi went on to reveal that he had to call Julius Malema to assist the rapper after he couldn’t receive medical attention at a nearby public hospital after his crash.

South African News reported on how the EFF president assisted Shebe in getting proper medical care, even paying for his bills.

*Mzansi reacts to Shebeshxt’s health update*

Netizens are relieved that the rapper is recovering, more so that he did not lose his leg:

LovethL45957 said: “At least he didn’t lose a leg.”
Blaq_Mannequin was relieved: “That’s a relief!”
Lady_S06 wrote: “He is not my fave, but people were quick to judge him without knowing what really happened.”

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