Shebeshxt’s Heartbreaking Farewell: Rapper Mourns Daughter’s Loss

The Funeral Service

The funeral of Onthatile Chuene, the daughter of South African rapper Shebeshxt, was a somber and emotional occasion that brought together a large crowd of mourners, including politicians, artists, and fans. The service was held at Shebeshxt’s home in Lebowakgomo, Limpopo, and was marked by tight security, with guards preventing journalists from taking pictures.

A Father’s Grief

Shebeshxt, whose real name is Chauke, was unable to attend the burial of his daughter due to his poor health. He was seen arriving at the funeral service in a minibus, carrying an oxygen cylinder and wearing a woollen hat and mini blanket. He was lifted from the vehicle and placed in a wheelchair, struggling to breathe on his own.

_Remembering Onthatile_

Onthatile, who was described as a blissful pupil by her teachers and fellow classmates at Northern Academy School in Polokwane, died in a car accident on June 9. Her father’s Volkswagen Polo collided head-on with a heavy motor vehicle on the R37 near Smelters Mine, south of Polokwane. The accident left Onthatile so badly disfigured that some family members were advised not to view her body during the visitation.

_A Father’s Love_

Shebeshxt’s love for his daughter was evident in his desire to give her the best education. Every time he came to fetch Onthatile from school, the learners would gather around his car, causing a commotion. The school advised him to use a different entrance to avoid the chaos.

_Tributes and Condolences_

The funeral service was attended by a large crowd of young people, some of whom were dressed similarly to Shebeshxt. A small group gathered nearby, listening to Shebeshxt’s lyrics on a car stereo and speaking highly of their hero, whom they wished a speedy recovery.

_Artistic Community Mourns_

The funeral attracted politicians and a myriad of artists from Limpopo and beyond. Mpho Mashabela, chairman of the Limpopo Artist Movement, took a swipe at the media and the provincial Department of Sport, Arts, and Culture, criticizing their treatment of artists.

_A Legacy of Love_

Despite his grief, Shebeshxt’s legacy as a loving father and talented musician will live on through his music and the memories of those who knew him and his daughter. Onthatile’s memory will continue to inspire and influence those who knew her, and her father’s love for her will never be forgotten.


The funeral of Onthatile Chuene was a heart-wrenching occasion that brought together a community in mourning. Shebeshxt’s inability to attend the burial of his daughter due to his poor health added to the sorrow of the day. The service was a celebration of Onthatile’s life, and the impact she had on those around her. Her memory will live on in the hearts of those who knew her, and her father’s love for her will never be forgotten.

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