Wedding Bells Ringing for Bonang Matheba and New Bae, David Phume?

South African media personality Bonang Matheba has finally confirmed her relationship with businessman David Phume, a robotics expert. The two have been dating for almost a year, and sources close to the couple suggest that wedding bells may be ringing soon.

Bonang’s Relationship History

Bonang Matheba, also known as “Queen B,” has been linked to several high-profile celebrities in the past, including Nigerian star Dbanj, musicians Slikour and the late AKA, and DJ Euphonik. However, her relationships with these entertainers ended in messy breakups that played out in the public eye.

David Phume: A Man from a Different Cloth

Unlike Bonang’s previous partners, David Phume is not a celebrity. He studied 3D animation at Boston Media House in Johannesburg and later graduated from a San Francisco-based animation school. In 2005, he founded Penthouse Motion Pictures, a company specializing in content creation, visual effects, and animation.

Phume’s Gift to Bonang

According to sources, Phume gifted Bonang a timepiece valued at over R280,000 on her 37th birthday. The two were pictured together at her garden-themed party, and it’s clear that their relationship is getting serious.

Meeting the Families

Sources close to the couple reveal that they have met each other’s families, and Phume has made it clear that he intends to marry Bonang. Her mom knows him, and everyone is happy for them.

A Different Kind of Love

Bonang’s relationship with Phume seems to be a departure from her previous high-profile romances. Phume’s lack of connections to the entertainment industry and his focus on his business suggest that their relationship is built on different foundations.


Bonang Matheba and David Phume’s relationship is a refreshing change from her previous high-profile romances. With their families’ approval and Phume’s clear intentions, it’s likely that wedding bells will be ringing soon. We wish them all the best in their future together!

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