Yvonne Chaka Chaka accuses Chicco Twala of withholding ‘Umqombothi’ royalties

Legendary singer Yvonne Chaka Chaka has ignited a heated debate by accusing Chicco Twala of withholding royalties for her iconic song “Umqombothi”. In a revelatory interview on Newzroom Afrika, Chaka Chaka disclosed that she had never received payment for her contributions to the song, despite its massive success.


Chaka Chaka clarified that while Chicco Twala wrote the initial version, she added distinctive elements, including the catchy “Nawu! Nawu! Madoda” and “Everybody” parts. However, she was never credited or compensated for her work. The singer attributed her silence to her youthful naivety about the music industry at the time.


Chicco Twala responded, disputing Chaka Chaka’s claims. He asserted that he and Attie wrote the song together and earned minimal profits from it. In contrast, Chaka Chaka, as the performer, has reportedly made millions from the song’s popularity.


This controversy has sparked a wider conversation about the music industry’s financial dynamics and the importance of fair compensation for artistic contributions.

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