Zahara’s Husband, Mpho Xaba, Still Paying Her Hospital Bill Despite Family Snub

In a heart-wrenching revelation, Mpho Xaba, the husband of the late Afro-pop sensation Zahara, has disclosed that he is still paying off her substantial hospital bill, amounting to R820,000, despite being excluded from her funeral arrangements and not knowing where she is buried. Zahara, whose real name was Bulelwa Mtukukana, passed away on December 11, 2023, after a three-week hospitalization in Johannesburg.

Xaba, an engineer and businessman, opened up to Sunday World about the painful experience he endured at the hands of Zahara’s family. He claimed that they mistreated him and sidelined him from the funeral preparations, removing him from the funeral program and preventing him from participating in any aspect of his wife’s final farewell.

The couple’s relationship was highly publicized, with Xaba proposing to Zahara in March 2023, followed by a traditional lobola celebration in November. Tragically, Zahara passed away before they could finalize plans for their white wedding. Xaba revealed that he had paid lobola for Zahara just weeks before her passing, making him legally responsible for her burial. However, he chose not to engage in legal battles with her family to protect her honor.

Xaba expressed his hurt and disappointment at being treated like an outcast by Zahara’s family, who had initially welcomed him with open arms. He stated that her sisters had called him “brother” but quickly turned against him after her passing. He accused them of lying and attempting to claim his properties, which he believes was a desperate attempt to cover their own financial struggles.

Despite the family’s betrayal, Xaba has taken the high road and chosen to focus on his healing process. He revealed that he underwent months of therapy to cope with his grief and pain. He also expressed his gratitude to Zahara’s medical aid, which covered R712,000 of her hospital bill, leaving him to settle the remaining balance.

The situation has raised questions about the management of Zahara’s estate, with her former manager, Oyama Dyosiba, declining to comment further and referring all questions to her sisters, Bandezwa and Lumka, who have taken over her estate. Dyosiba expressed his disgust at the situation, stating that Zahara’s family should be ashamed of their actions.

Xaba’s courage in speaking out about his ordeal serves as a testament to his love and dedication to Zahara’s memory. His selfless act of continuing to pay her hospital bill, despite the family’s betrayal, demonstrates his commitment to honoring her legacy. As the music industry mourns the loss of a talented artist, Xaba’s story serves as a reminder of the importance of compassion, forgiveness, and respect in the face of adversity.

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