Durban Gen actor Zuluboy’s ‘life in danger’ as powerful Sangoma threatens to strike him

“A public feud has erupted between Durban Gen actor Zuluboy and traditional healer Mpamehlangene Gwala, both affiliated with the uMkhonto Wesizwe Party Creative Council.

The dispute allegedly centers around a stolen vehicle, with Zuluboy accusing Mpamehlangene of selling his car without permission.

Mpamehlangene has denied the allegations and threatened to use muthi against Zuluboy, who has refused to apologize.

The two were previously close friends, with Mpamehlangene claiming to have helped Zuluboy during a difficult time in his career.

However, their relationship has deteriorated, with both parties trading accusations. Zuluboy has stated that he won’t be intimidated by Mpamehlangene’s threats, while Mpamehlangene has boasted about his powers as an inyanga, claiming he can exact revenge on Zuluboy.

The public spat has drawn attention to the tensions between the two artists, with some calling for a resolution to the matter. Despite the threats and accusations, neither party has filed a formal complaint or pursued legal action.”


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