Gogo Maweni Unveils Her Luxurious New Home

Popular South African celebrity Sangoma and reality TV star, Gogo Maweni, has taken social media by storm after sharing a video of her lavish new house. The video has garnered thousands of comments and reactions, with many fans congratulating her on her latest acquisition.

Gogo Maweni’s Illustrious Career and Fortune

With a successful career spanning several years, Gogo Maweni has amassed a significant fortune through her practice, reality TV shows, and various business ventures. She has invested in real estate, purchasing multiple properties around the country, and has a diverse business portfolio.

The New House

While Gogo Maweni did not reveal the location of her new house, she shared a video on Instagram, captioning it, “I’ve got no time for the streets…new project loading renovating our new home. Dear God and the ancestors, give us strength and continue to bless us.” The video showcases the exterior and interior of the house, which is currently undergoing renovations.

Rumors suggest that Gogo Maweni has spent millions on this latest addition to her property portfolio. Last year, she made headlines when she announced her plans to demolish and rebuild a house as a rental property. Additionally, she has purchased land in Johannesburg’s leafy suburbs to open a high-end restaurant.

Impressive Fleet of Cars

Apart from her impressive property collection, Gogo Maweni owns a luxurious fleet of cars, including:

– Mercedes-Benz A-Class AMG
– Mercedes-Benz CLA 200
– Mercedes-Benz GLA 45
– Audi A5
– Range Rover
– VW Golf
– Porsche

Business Empire and Luxury Lifestyle

Gogo Maweni continues to expand her business empire, investing in various ventures, including real estate, hospitality, and more. Her lavish lifestyle has made her one of the most fascinating personalities in South Africa, with a huge following and admiration from her fans.

In conclusion, Gogo Maweni’s latest addition to her property portfolio is a testament to her hard work and success. Her luxurious new home and impressive fleet of cars are a reflection of her glamorous lifestyle, making her a true icon in South African entertainment and business.

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