Gruesome Murder in Daveyton: Community Seeks Justice for Patrick “Madurka” Ndlela

A Shocking Discovery

The community of Daveyton in Ekurhuleni has been left reeling in shock and horror after the brutal murder of Patrick “Madurka” Ndlela, a former member of the ANC’s Self Defence Unit. Ndlela, 55, was found dead in his backyard cottage on Monday, with his body subjected to unimaginable mutilation.

*A Grisly Scene*

The discovery was made by Ndlela’s nephew, Ntokozo Ngubo, 26, who found his uncle’s lifeless body in a seated position inside a chest freezer. The body had been stripped naked, butchered, and then dressed again before being placed in the freezer. The absence of blood at the scene suggests that Ndlela was killed and mutilated elsewhere before being transported to his residence.

*A Life of Controversy*

Ndlela’s past was marked by controversy, with his involvement in violent incidents during the 1980s earning him notoriety in the area. However, his family and comrades claim that his actions were linked to the fight against apartheid.

*Investigation and Dispute*

The Gauteng police have opened an inquest docket to investigate the cause of Ndlela’s death, which has been deemed to be of natural causes. However, the family and friends of Ndlela strongly dispute this claim, believing that his death was a hate crime and a result of retribution or retaliation.

*A Call for Justice*

The community is seeking answers and justice for this horrific act, with the MK Party calling for a thorough investigation into Ndlela’s death. As the investigation continues, the family and community remain traumatised by the gruesome nature of the crime.

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